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    LeaderComm was created to help community leaders broker, coordinate, and integrate community resources, based on “The 3 Rs”, Our primary work is to support community and organizational leaders though strategic visioning, knowledge-transfer, personal coaching, training and leadership development. We do this through a small staff, a deep pool of expert consultants and volunteers, and relationships with partner organizations whose programs support the LeaderComm mission.

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  • Vision and Mission


    Communities across America will have truly integrated and holistic service-delivery systems, meeting critical needs and creating a community of hope and opportunity for all, and replacing the wasteful and silo-driven systems that exist today.


    The mission of LeaderComm is to help communities create collaborative, integrated public and private service-delivery systems that address their most pressing needs and generate systemic change.

  • The Problem

    Throughout the country, millions of citizens have crucial needs ranging from basic human services and resources to major societal support in response to severe circumstances. The reality is that far too many of these needs go unmet or are poorly addressed; services may be available from a diverse array of public and private providers but they are often uncoordinated, duplicative or not accessible. There are significant problems in service delivery systems and in organizational and agency capacity to meet their designed missions.


    Response to needs must be planned and delivered holistically. The importance of collaboration is often acknowledged and organizations occasionally attempt to engage in some manner of collaboration; yet, the broader infrastructures, especially the funding systems for nonprofit organizations, do not intrinsically encourage collaboration. Public, private, and nonprofit organizations typically work in silos and compete for limited funds. As a result, they fail to effectively communicate with each other, rarely coordinate services, and are not incentivized in the integration of service delivery. Genuine and effective collaboration is not rewarded and is not pursued as organizational assets or capacity builders.


    The Need

    There is an urgent social and humanitarian need to cultivate effective and impactful relationships among public and private organizations and individuals who share in a common interest in responding to unmet basic human needs, overcoming crisis incidents, and overthrowing structural inequities. Philanthropic funders desire and seek more strategic and impactful results from the organizations they support in missions that are important to them. A major change is crucial in the way services are delivered, in the way service organizations utilize their capacities, and in the way public and private philanthropic dollars fund projects, programs and organizations.

    The LeaderComm Response: “The 3 Rs”

    The 3 Rs is a transformational formula that maximizes resources, reduces waste, makes community organizations and foundations more efficient, and – most importantly – brings services to where they are most needed in a personalized, coordinated and accountable manner.

  • The 3 Rs

    We are a community of veteran and emerging social entrepreneurs. Our founders have pioneered effective community collaborations based on

    The 3 Rs:

    Relationships, Routers and Rewards


    The 3 Rs guide everything LeaderComm does. It is a proven, winning formula that maximizes resources, reduces waste, makes community organizations and foundations more efficient, and – most importantly – brings services to where they are most needed.


    Programs don’t change anything, only relationships do.


    Every community needs a router – someone to locate services and connect them to people in need.


    Systemic change is only possible if funders reward people for working together rather than in competition.

  • Training

    LeaderComm has also developed a comprehensive training program that can be useful to a variety of intended audiences. It includes three distinct courses and a Training Resource Guide for other recommended learning opportunities.


    David Ward


    Chief Operating Officer

    Akkad Capital Partners

    Reid Carpenter

    Vice Chairman

    Founder and former national President of The Leadership Foundations

    Bill Milliken


    Founder and Vice Chairman of Communities In Schools

    Neil Shorthouse


    Founder and former President of Communities In Schools of Georgia

    Reginald Beaty

    Board Member

    President and co-founder of the Foundation for Educational Success

    Reneé Brown

    Board Member

    Chief of Basketball Operations

    Women’s National Basketball Association

    Patrick Grace

    Board Member

    Managing Director of GDP Global Group LLC

    Cynthia Marshall

    Board Member

    Founder and former Executive Director of Communities In Schools of Charlotte

    John Richardson

    Board Member

    Chief Executive Officer of Fairfield-Maxwell Ltd.


    Michael Castine, Partner, Ridgeway Partners LLC

    Linda Lader, President, The Renaissance Institute

    Brendan MacMillan, Chief Investment Officer, Ocean Road Advisors, Inc.

    Bart McDade, Partner and CEO, River Birch Capital

    Jean Milliken D.Min., Pastoral Counselor and certified Imago therapist

    Rick Rieder, Chief Investment Officer and co-head of the Americas Fund, BlackRock, Inc.

    Trevor Ugolyn, Senior Analyst, Power Play Energy


    Bill Milliken


    Sally DeLuca

    Senior Associate

    Jonathan Hayden

    Managing Associate

    Eva Askew Houser


    Neil Shorthouse


    Susan Pennock


    Sheila Drummond


    Linda Harrill


    Grady Powell



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